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How to use @larynxBot on Slack

After larynxBot is added in Slack (use Add to Slack button),

In direct messaging, you can just pass the web article url.

In a channel, after inviting /invite @larynxBot. You have to use @larynxBot [URL].

How to use @larynxBot on Facebook Messenger

Open larynxBot in the Messenger, just pass a web article url.

When using Facebook on mobile, just click share & send to Messenger; to larynxBot.

How to use @larynxBot on Twitter

Just tweet to @larynxBot with the URL of an online article.

If you have Telegram, you can contact @larynxBot right away.

How to use @larynxBot on Telegram

In Direct Messaging just send an URL of an online article to @larynxBot .

In a group, invite @larynxBot and then use /larynx [URL] to get voice summary.

You can also do it inline by, @larynxBOt [URL] then sending in the larynx url.


Since larynxBot is language agnostic, it communicates via emojis 😁 .


❔ 🌐 ➡ [http://🔗] - Where is the URL for the web article?.

🔤 ✅ - Language detected successfully.

📰 ✅ - Content summarised sucessfully.

🔗 ✅ - Larynx URL prepared sucessfully.

😓 🔤 ❎ - Unable to detect language.

😓 🔤 📰 - Unable to summarise.